CORE Kids Academy - The core essentials to your child's future!
CORE Kids Academy recognizes and respects the uniqueness of each child.  The school's primary mission is to foster a love of learning in children.  Our curriculum skillfully weaves artistic and practical disciplines into everyday academics.  Children learn to follow their curiosity, to think creatively, and to work both independently and cooperatively with others.
American Sign Language is introduced to our infants and toddlers to maximize communication skills and promote early language acquisition.  Preschoolers of ages 3 and up will enjoy learning Spanish in a form of fun songs and games.  They will also gain valuable life lessons while caring for their own garden. 
Infant  (6 weeks ~ 12 months or walking)
Infant (6 weeks ~ 12 months or walking)
The youngest learners are well on their way with a great beginning at CORE Kids Academy. Our infant classroom features lower teacher-child ratios of one-to-four, soothing rocking chairs, age-appropriate toys, and individual cribs with mirrors. We make every effort to maintain consistent routines you have already instilled at home. Your baby will enjoy singing, giggling, reading, and cuddling in our safe and secure facility. Most importantly, our loving teachers are well-prepared to promote your baby's cognitive, physical, and emotional development.
Toddler (12 months ~ 24 months)
Toddlers are curious and excited and ready to explore the world! Energetic teachers plan activities in a stimulating and nurturing environment to support their eagerness for discovery. Children are encouraged to investigate, feel, see, and learn at their own pace. Children are never pressured, so that they may develop a genuine love for learning. CORE Kids Academy works to strengthen all aspects of your growing toddler’s development as they take on new challenges.
Toddler (12 months ~ 24 months)
Preschool 1  (2 years)
Preschool 1 (2 years)
Preschoolers are very active, curious, and determined to continue on their journey of discovery and adventure. With lower teacher/student ratios and the implementation of the Montessori whole child approach, teachers can provide a whole lot more at this vital stage. Teachers can give personalized attention and assistance as children are gaining independence while learning at their own pace. Emerging into a more ordered environment, the academic based program captures children’s interest for learning by engagement in enriching and challenging opportunities. Your children will love exploring the world and themselves.
Preschool 2 (3 years)
Although it may seem like fun and games to preschoolers, the curriculum we follow is packed with educational elements. Games abound that teach pre-reading skills like phonics awareness and letter and sound recognition, basic math concepts, and hands-on science exploration.
Preschool 2  (3 years)
Pre-Kindergarten  (4~5 years)
Pre-Kindergarten (4~5 years)
Children love spending time exploring, learning, and accomplishing new skills. They are continuing their learning adventure with a desire to do things on their own and making new discoveries. Children are establishing their own educational pace according to their individual needs and abilities and exercising their Practical Life activities to better prepare themselves for future challenges. The Pre-Kindergarten Program helps for an easier transition into more structured academic schedules they will soon find in Kindergarten.
School Age (5 years ~ 12 years)
A fun and safe environment awaits children of all elementary ages with plenty of opportunities for engaging, age-appropriate activities. Degreed and certified teachers help children with their homework, projects, and test preparations. Many choices of social and instructional activities are available from art projects, board games, basketball, soccer, and computer. Children will enjoy playing with friends on a separate school-age playground or just relaxing for a little bit of quiet time. Safe and inspected buses will transport children to and from school. Camps available for Spring, Winter, and Summer break as well as on No School Days. We service both Gwinnett and Fulton County Schools. (Chattahoochee, Mason, Parsons, Level Creek). Servicing school list may change.
School Age  (5 years ~ 12 years)